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Ehila, ma che bomba questa edizione! Che vi devo dire, servirebbero prosternazioni più che ringraziamenti ❤. --Camelia (scrivimi) 09:49, 21 dic 2021 (CET)

Buon anno!Modifica

Auguri per un buon 2022 a tutti voi 🥂. --Camelia (scrivimi) 17:39, 31 dic 2021 (CET)

[@ Camelia.boban] Ciao, grazie per gli auguri che ricambio di cuore. Un felicissimo e – poiché sono Sun-crops (da un verso di Séamus Heaney, terza citazione di Station Island), cioè Messi-Solari – un 2022 fecondissimo di copiose messi in tutte le cose a cui tieni e che desideri. Ciao,--Sun-crops (scrivimi) 22:26, 31 dic 2021 (CET)

Results 2021 !Modifica

Hello friends !

The SheSaid drive is over ! All results may be found here.

For 2021, nine different language communities contributed – Italian, Ukrainian, English, Tagalog, Igbo, Spanish, French, Central Bikol, and Catalan. In addition to the global drive, 12 members of Wiki Loves Women’s Focus Group held local training and participation drives with their communities.

Across the 9 language Wikiquotes a collective of 1,514 articles were created. This ensures that 1,514 notable women whose voices and wisdom had previously not been featured, can now be easily accessed. Articles for a further 309 women were improved. In addition, 638 articles featuring notable women were created on Kinyarwanda Wikipedia (Wikipediya mu Kinyarwanda) by the activities of the Wiki Loves Women Focus Group member in Rwanda in collaboration with Wikimedia Rwanda Usergroup.

The Italian language community through the enthusiasm of the Wiki Donne user group was again the most outstanding contributor to the SheSaid Campaign. Your community created articles about 609 women and improved a further 227 articles. The next prolific contender, the Tagalog language community (currently in incubator status) created 308 new articles. The third highest contributing language community was to the EnglishUkrainian language Wikiquote by creating 169 articles and improving a further 55 articles.

Below are the stats impact for the SheSaid Campaign across 9 different languages that participated in 2021;

The lack of women’s voices in the digital domain is a global issue, one that we can collective work on in order to change how women are viewed. Wiki Loves Women is awed by the response and enthusiasm to the second edition of this drive, and looks forward to the third version in 2022! We urge that anyone can join this initiative and continue to make an impact by adding more articles about women !

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