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About MeModifica

Hello! I am Fr33kman and I am a global sysop (verify). This means that I have administrative rights on many projects, including this one.

  •   - Bonjour! Je suis Fr33kman et je suis un sysop mondiale. Cela signifie que j'ai des droits d'administration ici.
  •   - Hallo! Ich bin Fr33kman und ich bin ein globales sysop. Dies bedeutet, dass ich hier über Administratorrechte verfügen.
  •   - Ciao! Sono Fr33kman e sono un sysop globale. Questo significa che ho dei diritti amministrativi su molti progetti, compreso questo.
  •   - ¡Hola! Soy Fr33kman, y soy un administrador global. Esto significa que tengo derechos administrativos en muchos proyectos, incluyendo éste.
  •   - Я Fr33kman и я глобальной сисоп. Это означает, что я имею права администратора на многих проектах, в том числе на этом
  •   - Ik ben Fr33kman en ik ben een wereldwijde sysop. Dit betekent dat ik administratieve rechten hebben op de vele projecten, waaronder deze.

fr33kman -s-

Why am I here?Modifica

As a global sysop I have most of the same abilities as a local sysop. My main focus is to undo vandalism, block local vandals and cross wiki vandals that don't need a global block, and to delete pages that need deleting. On small wikis with local admins I normally would not get involved in discussions for deletion closures unless they have been resolved and not dealt with for some time. I can not grant user rights, like rollback, to other users. A local admin would have to do that, or you can contact a steward if there are no local admins available.

How to contact meModifica

The best way to contact me is email or here.