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:''These are among my very favourite dinosaurs. Their long upcurved skulls, slender yet compact proportions, and great sickle claws make these elegant, attractive, yet demonic animals. There is nothing else like them. Pound for pound, these are among the most powerful of known predators; certainly no other theropod had such a combination of foot, hand, and head weaponry... Among theropods only'' Tyrannosaurus, ''with its extreme skull strength, equalled'' Velociraptor ''in total power relative to weight.'' (pp. 362-363)
*Se mettessimo insieme un leopardo e un ''Velociraptor antirrhopus'' {{NDR|oggi conosciuto come ''[[w:Deinonychus|Deinonychus]]''}}, il primo sarebbe nei guai.
:''Put a leopard and a'' [Deinonychus] ''together and the former would be in trouble.'' (pp. 363)
*[''DeinonychusVelociraptor antirrhopus'' {{NDR|oggi conosciuto come ''[[Deinonychus]]''}} viene normalmente considerato un dinosauro piccolo, ma l'esemplare più grande era un animale lungo tre metri, con una testa lunga quarantasei centimetri e un peso uguale a quello di un lupo maschio. Se fosse vivo ai nostri tempi, sarebbe considerato un predatore grande.
:[Deinonychus]Velociraptor antirrhopus ''is usually considered a small dinosaur. But the largest individual was an eleven-foot-long animal whose head approached half a yard long, and was of male-timber-wolf mass. If alive today it would be considered a big predator.'' (p. 367)
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