Casey Affleck

attore, sceneggiatore e regista statunitense
Casey Affleck nel 2016

Manchester by the Sea

  • Miglior attore protagonista (2017)

Casey Affleck, all'anagrafe Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt (1975 – vivente), attore, regista e sceneggiatore statunitense.

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When people ask me why I don't eat meat or any other animal products, I say because they are unhealthy and they are the product of a violent and inhumane industry. Chickens, cows, and pigs in factory farms spend their whole lives in filthy, cramped conditions only to die a prolonged and painful death.[1]


  1. (EN) Da Casey Affleck's Banned 'Go Vegan' PSA, pubblicato da peta2TV su; citato in Casey Affleck’s ‘Go Vegan’ PSA,, 18 luglio 2011.


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