Barry C. Smith

filosofo britannico

Barry C. Smith (–), filosofo britannico.

  • È piuttosto nell'opera del fenomenologo monacense Adolf Reinach (1883-1917) che si può trovare la prima teoria sistematica di fenomeni quali promettere, chiedere, richiedere, comandare, accusare, ecc., fenomeni che Reinach, come Reid (ma quasi certamente in modo indipendente), raggruppò sotto il concetto di "atti sociali".
It is rather in the work of the Munich phenomenologist Adolf Reinach (1883-1917) that there is to be discovered the first systematic theory of the phenomena of promising, questioning, requesting, commanding, accusing, etc., phenomena which Reinach, like Reid (though almost certainly independently), collects together under the heading "social acts".[1]

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  1. Da Towards a History of Speech Act Theory, in A. Burkhardt (ed.), Speech Acts, Meanings and Intentions. Critical Approaches to the Philosophy of John R. Searle, de Gruyter, Berlin/New York, 1990, p. 29-61 HTML.

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