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:''There are many Indians who object to the image of their society and its people that is projected. From Mother Teresa and from her fans you would receive the impression that in Calcutta there is nothing but torpor, squalor, and misery, and people barely have the energy to brush the flies from their eyes while extending a begging bowl. Really and truly that is a slander on a fantastically interesting, brave, highly evolved, and cultured city, which has universities, film schools, theaters, book shops, literary cafes, and very vibrant politics. There is indeed a terrible problem of poverty and overcrowding, but despite that there isn't all that much mendicancy. People do not tug at your sleeve and beg. They are proud of the fact that they don't.<br>The sources of Calcutta's woes and miseries are the very overpopulation that the church says is no problem, and the mass influx of refugees from neighboring regions that have been devastated by religious and sectarian warfare in the name of God. So those who are believers owe Calcutta big time, they should indeed be working to alleviate what they are responsible for. But the pretense that they are doing so is a big fraud.''
*Quando andò a Bhopal dopo che l'incidente industriale alla fabbrica dell'Union Carbide ebbe ucciso migliaia di persone, lei continuava a dire "Perdonate, perdonate, perdonate". Quindi, va bene perdonare i dirigenti dell'Union Carbide l'Union Carbide per la sua negligenza, ma per una donna, sposata in Irlanda a un alcolista molestatore di bambini, che ha dieci figli e nessuno l'assista, non c'è perdono né in questa vita né nell'altra. Per Lady Diana però il perdono c'è.
:''When she went to Bhopal after the Union Carbide industrial accident killed thousands, she kept saying "Forgive, forgive, forgive." It's O.K. to forgive Union Carbide for its negligence, but for a woman married to an alcoholic child abuser in Ireland who has ten children and no one to look after her, there is no forgiveness in this life or the next one. But there is forgiveness for Princess Diana.''
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