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==Richieste di autorizzazione in corso==
=== [[Utente:Dinybot]] ===
Hello, I would like to ask You for bot flag for the [[Utente:Dinybot|Dinybot]] robot. It is intended as a ''global automatic interwiki robot'' which operates at all Wikiquotes. (Currently it has about 83 accounts.) It works automatically at server [http://moribundus.bilysklep.cz/ moribundus.bilysklep.cz] in period about one month. It parses ten biggest Wikiquotes, but edits all projects. Demonstrative editations are [[Speciale:Contributi/Dinybot|available]].
Thank You for Your complaisance.
--[[Utente:Martin Kozák|Martin Kozák]] 21:15, 25 mar 2007 (UTC)