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|style="text-align: left; vertical-align: top; width: 50%; padding: 0 1em" |<big>'''To have the bot flag you have to:'''</big>
*Requests for the [[m:bot|bot]] flag should be made on this page. Requests for certain types of bots can be automatically approved and [[m:Requests for bot status|performed by a steward]] (see the [[m:Bot policy|standard bot policy]]).
* Register a bot account with the word '''bot''' in the username. Something like ''YourusernameBot''. Please identify the maintainer and link a page where he can be contacted.
* Add in this page a paragraph describing the bot's purpose, what program(s) it uses (pywikipedia framework, etc).
* You have to verify the bot contributions: please make about 50 edits. A non-flagged bot that makes too many edits can be blocked.
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