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== Please unblock my IP(s). ==
Ciao Nemo,
I hope that you are doing fine. I am Claudi Balaguer, user Capsot, eternally blocked on Meta... Since I am currently Amical Wikimedia's treasurer I kindly ask you to unblock my IP(s) (not my Capsot user though) so I can work/edit the data concerning the Midpoint report and other things. Moltissime grazie. Buon'estate! Claudi/[[Speciale:Contributi/2A01:E0A:F7:2D0:CDE3:9D57:C6B1:27BC|2A01:E0A:F7:2D0:CDE3:9D57:C6B1:27BC]] ([[User talk:2A01:E0A:F7:2D0:CDE3:9D57:C6B1:27BC|msg]]) 14:03, 16 lug 2021 (CEST) PS: I would also appreciate having the right to vote for the Board since I have been denied this right for ages! Grazie ancora una volta :)