Differenze tra le versioni di "Klaus Kinski"

:''Not only is she obsessed with fur, she also collects clothes, houses, land, islands, and, above all, diamonds. Lots of diamonds. Big ones. The biggest are the size of pigeon eggs, and she's already wearing them for breakfast. I feel sorry for her. She'd give it all up just to be a couple of years younger.'' (p. 185)
*I [[western]]. Uno dopo l'altro. Diventano sempre più schifosi, e i cosiddetti registi diventano sempre più terra-terra. E più sono incompetenti, più si comportano in modo ostile.
:''Westerns. One after another. They get shittier and shittier, and the so-called directors get lousier and lousier. And the more incompetent they are, the more hostile they act.'' (p. 210)
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