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*'''To invent the sailing ship''' or steamer is '''to invent the shipwreck'''. To invent the train is to invent the rail accident of derailment. To invent the family automobile is to produce the pile-up on the highway. To get what is heavier than air to take off in the form of an aeroplane or dirigible is to invent the crash, the air disaster. (Paul Virilio, ''The Original Accident'', Malden, MA, Polity, 2007, p. 10.)
*[...] '''the lie wasn't covering up anything else'''. We all know stories about people who lead double lives, but here there was no double life - hiding behind the lie was nothing but a total void. And I found echoes of that emptiness in my own life... I don't go to an office, no one knows exactly what I do - I am the only witness to my life, which was the case with '''[[Jean-Claude Romand|Romand]]'''. I spend days on my own staring at the ceiling, and he spent his days alone in his car. And I'd say that in that respect there was some kind of identification - I wanted to know what went through his head all those empty days he spent in his car. (da [https://www.theguardian.com/books/2001/jan/14/biography.features ''Empathy with the devil''], ''TheGuardian.com'', 14 gennaio 2001.)
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