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==Sound design==
*Music opens up doors, because even one little sound or a sequence of notes can give you an idea for a story. (David Lynch, '''SENZA FONTE''')
*You could see dialogue as a kind of sound effect or a musical effect. (David Lynch, '''SENZA FONTE''')
*To fill this canvas, Lynch employs an atmospheric, subversive use of sound. Through close collaboration with sound designer Alan Splet, from the short ''The Grandmother'' (1970) up to ''Blue Velvet'', Lynch would continuously manipulate his images with sound design. (Kyle Barrett, "Smashing the small screen: David Lynch, Twin Peaks and reinventing television" in Eric Hoffman, Dominick Grace (a cura di), ''Approaching Twin Peaks: Critical Essays on the Original Series'', Jefferson, NC, McFarland, 2017, p. 50.)
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