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*The cinematic use of filters, long takes, low-angle shots, expressive sound and music – these are some practices used by Lynch to extend and broaden the conventional format of TV series and brought “the three-dimensional space” in television. (Maja Stanković, "TV Series or Not?", AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, n. 17, ottobre 2018, p. 3)
*''Twin Peaks'' can now be viewed as a key exemplar of television aesthetics that, however much it borrowed from cinematic techniques in terms of both visual mise en scène and sound design, and however much it relayed some of Lynch’s signature style as a cinematic auteur, did so precisely and deliberately as an early example of complex television. (Kirsty Fairclough, Michael Goddard, Anthony N. Smith, "[http://sensesofcinema.com/2016/twin-peaks/return-of-twin-peaks/ Introduction - I'll See You in 25 Years: The Return of Twin Peaks and Television Aesthetics]", Senses of Cinema, n. 79, luglio 2016.)
==Sound design==
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